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Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting: GTA Homeowners Install the Safer Option

Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting: GTA Homeowners Install the Safer Option

Christmas Lights a Holiday Tradition

Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and share gifts of laughter and joy. The traditional scene is set:  presents under the Christmas tree and stockings hung on the fire place. The glow of lights flickers in the freshly fallen snow. Lights are an important Christmas tradition and there have been ceremonies over years and different countries to kick off the yuletide season. In Canada, for many families getting the lights up and lit on the house can be quite an ordeal. Dragging out the Christmas decoration boxes from the garage and untangling the lights can take hours in itself. Then the potentially dangerous scenario of climbing an extension ladder in inclement weather to take our chances on the roof. And, we all have shared the pain of putting the final light clip on and plugging in the cord only to find out one light is burned out and now an entire chain of lights fails to shine! Embrace the convenience and ease of permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas Lighting. GTA homeowners can enjoy the benefit of professionally installed lighting from safely on ground!

Permanent Lighting Safer, Efficient

Professional installers will install permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting on GTA homes along eavestroughs of rooftops. The lighting strips hide discreetly on the exterior of the home until a press of a button on a smartphone app! With a simple swipe, the light show begins. Select from various different colours and patterns to express your personal style and Christmas flair. Gone are the days of a Griswald style Christmas light show, with complicated extension cord systems and heated incandescent light bulbs. By using permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting, the electric bill will not add to an already expensive time of year. LED lights are more efficient – they use less power and do not generate heat making them safer for fire prevention. LED lights also thrive in colder temperatures – in fact the colder the weather the brighter LED lights will shine. This is in comparison to traditional exterior bulbs that require more power the colder it is outside. Installing permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting is not only more cost effective, it is more convenient and above all else, safer.

Shine your Light Year Round

Why stop at Christmas lighting? With LED light strips installed on your home’s exterior, there are many events and holidays you can celebrate with lighting! Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and Kelly green, white and orange shining from the rooftops lets everyone know where the party is! Celebrate Canada’s birthday by hosting a neighbourhood BBQ and setting off your own virtual fireworks show with permanent LED lighting. Hockey Night in Canada is another great way to use professionally installed lighting to rev up some neighbourhood rivalries when the Leafs and Canadiens take to the ice. Let everyone know who scored with a series of light show patterns seen from miles around.

There are many benefits to installing permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lights around GTA neighbourhoods. Contact a professional installation company to do the job right, so you can enjoy a hassle-free Christmas and year-round opportunity to shine your light bright!